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Websites and Tools

National Novel Writing Month – 30 days, 50,000 words…very little sleep
Online Etymology Dictionary – fun with word origins
Script Frenzy – the script writing counterpart to NaNoWriMo
Storyist – software I use to keep my writing organized; very similar to Scrivener
Write or Die – “gentle encouragement” to keep you writing
WriteRoom – software I use to reduce distractions when I write

Podcasts and Podcasters

These are all podcasts I have listened to and enjoyed. Some are fiction podcasts and some are podcasts about writing. If I haven’t listed all of the works that a given author has put out there, it’s probably because I haven’t listened to it yet. I plan on adding to this list often.

Abigail Hilton – author of Guild of the Cowry Catchers and The Prophet of Panamindorah
Brand Gamblin – author of The Hidden Institute and Tumbler
Chris Lester – author of The Metamor City Podcast
Christiana Ellis – author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless and Space Casey
The Dead Robots’ Society – round-table discussions and interviews about writing
The Drabblecast – audio anthology of weird fiction
John Lenahan – author of Shadowmagic and The Prince of Hazel and Oak
Matthew Wayne Selznick – author of Brave Men Run
Nathan Lowell – author of the Trader’s Tales and Shaman’s Tales series, and Ravenwood
P.G. Holyfield – author of Murder at Avedon Hill
Pendragon Variety – fiction, poetry, and round-table discussions
Philippa Ballantine – author of Chasing the Bard, Digital Magic, and Weather Child
Podcastle – audio magazine of fantasy short stories

Blogs and Communities

These are blogs I read on a regular basis. These will include blogs for readers and writers, especially those that focus on fantasy, science fiction, young adult literature, and/or women. More to come!

Charlotte’s Library – book blog for middle grade and young adult science fiction and fantasy
Chocolate Scotch – Sue Baiman’s creativity guest blog
ElvesWriter – local author Alon Shalev’s fantasy writing blog
Heroines of Fantasy – group blog about women in fantasy fiction
Mythic Scribes – community of fantasy writers and fans
Paper Droids – articles on geek culture for women
Perennis – L.B. Gale’s fantasy writing blog
Scott’s Author Blog – Scott Roche’s speculative fiction writing blog
suehealy – Sue Healy’s writing blog
The Graceful Doe – Jo Hart’s children’s literature writing blog
Writing About Writing – my co-worker Chris Brecheen’s writing blog

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