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Friday Freewrite #45 – Yes

September 28, 2012

Freewriting is an exercise in timed, stream of consciousness writing. It’s a fun and useful activity for writers of all types. Every week, I’ll provide a prompt as a springboard for freewriting. For more information on what freewriting is all about and how to do it, see this post.


Today’s prompt is a first line:

“When they asked for an answer, I said yes…”


I hope this prompt has stirred some interesting thoughts and ideas for you! Freewriting is inherently messy and sometimes deeply personal, but if you feel comfortable sharing your results, please post as little or as much as you’d like in the comments.

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  1. October 1, 2012 8:48 pm

    Hi hi Anita =3! Well, one month til NaNo, so I need some prepping. I always want to write to your freewrites but dont allow myself to be productive usually =(. However, im not listening much to those permissions today xD. Making this comment before I post the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong thing I wrote =(.

    Funny how half a sentence can get you two hours of typing on your phone. I made minor edits and corrections. But all I ask in turn for your time is honest critique. Gimme all the marvelous, good, bad and nasty without restraint if you have the time. Whenever you get a chance is fine.

    Imma hit the showers, I think I deserve it ;).

  2. October 1, 2012 9:26 pm

    “When they asked for an answer, I said yes I would spare him. Too bad they didn’t ask for an honest answer.” I explained coldly to Richard. I know he’ll be against it, and give me the whole speech about good guys being like the bad guys. I’m going to shut that stand down when he makes it. I sense his brain waves scrambling and his body heat raising as he looks back at me from the driver seat.
    “ParHelia. Please. He’s done a lot of wrong, and hurt alot of people. I don’t care what you want, just give him a chance to pay for the crimes he did to us all, not just to you.” he convinced me with a slight tone of fear, but his tonality gave away not only his fear, but also that he didn’t care. Damn him for not making the cliché stand I wanted him to make, then again I don’t know him as well as I thought I had.

    No one cared what happened to me, that’s why no one came. He simply paid the ransom. Paid Benton to do the things he did to me.
    “You have a point. But I’ll be the judge for today, I’ve deserved the say of a thousand I’m sure.” I snapped. My heart raced as we exited the tunnel and downtown coming into view.
    “ParHelia, your suffering may not be the same as the 30 thousand he poisoned in Brazil. I know what he did
    “NO YOU DON’T!! Do you want me to show you the vision I saw when his telekinetic staff tormented me! 30,000 is nothing to 40 million. If that means leveling his entire corporate campus to stop that, so be it!” I could feel the car warming up from my rage. He quickly pushed the ac on, then swerved to pull over.
    “Par….Allegra. Please. You may be angry at him. But the innocent need not suffer. Especially not in your home town! You’d be just like those kids who used their powers on their school!”
    “This is much bigger than a school team squabble. Although I see their thought process. Of the people of my hometown I’m hero to, would turn to worlds villain, they deserve a death greater than I can give. But I’ll have to do.” I’m not sure if I’m even being honest with myself. I felt horrible when I heard of that. Now I’m honoring it. I don’t want to hurt anyone I just want him dead.

    Richard yanked the keys out of the car and sighed heavily tossing them out the window. Then I heard the doors lock. Children protection lock in an Aston Martin. Wow.
    “Allegra, I won’t let you slaughter your own people you are hero to. Then you truly are no better than him.
    “Oh? Is that so? I’m not going to hurt as many people as he did, not even 1% will match his death toll. If you really think about it. im no hero to them if they’re serving him.” I tried to keep my voice in check, but my motives alone were more than enough. I ripped my seatbelt off with ease. No wonder I fly, alot safer.

    Richard reached for his sidearms and quickly drew his aim between my eyes.
    “Yes, shoot me. Ive wished I was dead since when I was tortured. At least I know you care about somebody enough to take a life.” I tried to hide the hurt that crept along in my voice, but I couldn’t. He swallowed hard anand his lips began trembling. He lowered his weapon.
    ” I…Im…forgive me…im sorry.” He practically whispered. I stood up and ripped away the roof of the car. My eyes blazed as I sored into the sky. I could hear honks as people saw my soar. Saddly they don’t know what im off to do.

    I picked up speed as soon as I saw the Benton Inc campus standing on in the skyline. Among the smaller buildings stood a large 60 story spired building. I was going its windows made out an image of a man. Benton. Lord Benton. The world tinted red as energy flared from my eyes. I could feel the ring of light forming at my back. In the setting sun the campus was bathed in my light and every ounce of hate with it.

    The sound of the start of the evening commute and the winds howl began to fall away as my palms warmed. I could hear the screams of employees inside as they scrambled to safety. They knew what I was here for, therefore just as guilty. I felt every bit of energy in me ready to fire at the campus below and every moving speck that might be him.
    “This is it. One bloodless future, coming right up.” At that thought, I released my energy, my own violet beam blinded me as it plunged down below roaring til it impacted with a violent boom. I stopped and watched my violet flames burn the gaping hole I tore through the spire. Behind it the explosion vaporized an entire building.

    Soon the building, weak from my punch keeled over onto the parking area. thr other buildings were left unharmed. Those have to go as well to insure his technology is never used by anyone, including our government. Besides I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these were a bunker with him hiding hoping I wreck his office. But just like Benton, everything must go.

    2 hour later.

    the suns down and so is everything here. I panted and felt myself for any injuries im too shocked to feel. I’m fine, cant say the same for down below. I looked around. My blasting apparently knocked out this sectors energy grid, leaving my flames to light the night sky. I look down to see downed helicopters that tried to take me down. God I hope the crew is ok. but then again, they worked for Benton. They’re the bad guys, I did good. I look over the area still making sure I did a through cleanup. I didn’t think the campus was that big. I honestly couldn’t tell where the campus ended since it was several blocks. I hope I got the right ones.

    It felt good to save the world. So good that it felt too good! I swallowed as I realized the flames were spreading. I wanted to stop the fire fighters from stopping my spread of destruction, but honestly I don’t want the entire city to suffer. Then again every crack of the sidewalk is filled with Bentons corrupt pennies. If it burns then fine.

    I might as well stop them then. We can rebuild a better city a better world now that he’s gone. I start to descend onto them, but stop when I hear a copter. More reinforcements? As long as they keep sending them ill end them til they’re all scared running, seeing what Lord Benton for what he really was! I see it’s a news copter. I fly up to it.
    “Here is the senseless devastation laid by ParHelia. So far the destruction has claimed 8 city blocks and the bodycount is believed to be in the terrifying range of…ohmaigawd!” She panicked as se saw me floating in the open doorway. She dropped her mic and the camera man turned around. he continued filming.
    “Senseless? Why don’t I knock some sense into YOU!” I bluffed floating into the copter and standing. felt odd after floating for so long.
    “No please! We didn’t do anything wrong. Just spare us please!” that felt even odder, being begged by a not-so-bad person. But she still was an accessory to his global crimes against innocents.
    “Your B-Town news. You’re owned by him, and spread lies through your channel. I wont let you air lies of today either. Give me the camera and go home. Look elsewhere for employment if you can.” I hold my hand out waiting for the cameraman to hand it over.
    “Tom pass it over.” she pleaded frantically. impatient, I snatched tomm out of the helicopter as he holds the camera.
    “Sorry ParHelia, like, you im dedicated to the job.” Funny how Benton seemed to poison the worlds mind with that qoute.
    “That’s cute. I respect that. So here’s the deal ill drop the camera. and you go back into the helicopter. or vice versa. Its up to you.” I take the camera aiming the lens at him. I move back to the helicopter.
    “Hey! I didn’t say you could take my camera.” I puase and back out.
    “Still dedicated to Benton. you’re fired.” I opened my hand and let him drop. I felt my stomach drop. I have to set an example so that no one…NO ONE will ever follow his path.

    I set the camera back down in the copter next to the sobbing newswoman curled on the floor.
    “well, make sure this gets back to the station, and report the truth for once. She trembled turning her toward me.
    “but…its live!” she cried in a squeak. ……fuck! I point my finger at them, making sure I didn’t use too much power. I need to end this feed, then im heading home. A beam shoots from my finger piercing the camera and the helicopter ripping a widening tear in its bottom. instantly the woman jumped to her feet and tried to run to me, but her foot slipped and she fell wedged into the downing aircraft.
    “Please ParHelia! Please! help us!” She shouted, her eyes glossy from tears of fear. Her lif was in my hands. So many lives were in my hand today, and now they’re in my flames.

    I started ti pull her from the wedge. I could feel her moving free, then I felt a kick to the side of my head. I look to see the pilot now helping her, he glares at me.
    “Beat it bitch! Cmon Molly, were gonna parachute out.”

    I forget how easily my enemies don’t learn. In a rage I throw the helicopter sending it tumbling. I watch to make sure they jump out. I keep watching, to see if they jump out. But before I know it, the copter splashes into the flames. They might of jumped out when I first tossed it, had to.

    I look at the sea of flame and ash. My flames having had died down a bit I can see the skeletons of skyscrapers touched by my vengeance. I look down into the street to see patches of burned vehicles and…people? No! I wouldn’t hurt innocent people. I never have and today is no exception. Look to see the area I’m over wasn’t a part of the campus.

    How could I do this! I felt myself burning up in my gut as if I’m sick. Which I am, of myself! I couldn’t do this. No I wouldn’t! Wait!

    Benton made me do this. He must have did something to me to make me like this! When he…they touched me mentally. Looks like his plan to make me a pawn backfired, in many fires. In order for me to release my wrong I must be free from his spell. He paid the price for Brazil, messing with my mind, and for what he would’ve done to millions had I let him live. As I told Richard, I’m todays judge. I look at the flaming city scape once more and dart off into the atmosphere leaving a violet tail from the devastation.

    • Anita M. King permalink*
      October 5, 2012 10:36 pm

      Hey Darnell! Good to “see” you here. Just wanted to let you know that my eyes haven’t been up for much on-screen reading, but I am going to get to this as soon as I can–I may just print it out to make the reading easier. I haven’t forgotten you!

      • October 6, 2012 4:01 pm

        Thanks for responding =D! Hope all is well with you. Yeah, it is easier to read in print for a lot of people. Take your time btw. I dont mind. Im sure your prepping for the big month coming up ;).


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