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Friday Freewrite #42 – Candle

August 31, 2012

Freewriting is an exercise in timed, stream of consciousness writing. It’s a fun and useful activity for writers of all types. Every week, I’ll provide a prompt as a springboard for freewriting. For more information on what freewriting is all about and how to do it, see this post.


Today’s prompt is a first line:

“A candle sat on the table…”


I hope this prompt has stirred some interesting thoughts and ideas for you! Freewriting is inherently messy and sometimes deeply personal, but if you feel comfortable sharing your results, please post as little or as much as you’d like in the comments.

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  1. September 1, 2012 2:47 pm

    BEHOLD! Unformatted and riddled with errors! Dont stare at it too long. You might go blind ;).

    “A candle sat on the table…tuanting Neera with its gleeful dance and flciker. However the candles happiness was greater than that of her own as she sat patiently on the balanocy. She swallowed and blinked occasionaly, but remained motionless noneltheless. The canlde soon fouund its way half down its wax pole. She sighed heaivly and the flame shudder in reply. SHe looked around to see that the resturant was ushering out its last few customers, and hostess moving toward her.
    “Im so sorry mam, no guest by the name of…
    “He didnt show. I get it. Please dont remind me of the obvious.” she she sighed as she rose from her seat. THe hostess bowed understanbly and walked away. She blew at the candle with such force that it with the extinguishment of the flame it was sent tumbling off the balcony. THe hostess looked confused. SHe quickly sturretted with anger at her side from the 4 star with 5 stars of rage.
    ‘I so feel like giving a whack to Fort Nox, but to be honest anything will do at the moment. Never ever date a roommate. EVER!’ She roared in her head.

    *On a ledge above*
    A man sat atop a ledge panning between gazing though biniculars and feverishly scribbling on a notepad.
    “Ok, so no one is follwoing her after all. If people know who I am, they wouldve went after her while I was absent. Or maybe theres still chance shes in danger. I wouldnt be too surprised if they were waiting for us to be together to attack me.” he mumbled to him self with an air of rationale. Suddenly he heard a door clap against the wall as iit was thrown open and a pair of heels could be heard clicking toward him. He turned around to see a ebon and ivroy trimmed masked woman darting toward him. Her onyx bone tone flicked with every step.
    “HEY HUN~!” shouted as she got closer. Uniformed men began running after her from the rooftop.
    “Thief! stop!” they shouted drawing their weapons. As they did she dived toward him hugging him and sending them plummteting stories below into the trees. He fell out the tree and onto a car, scaring it to activate its aalarm. He rubbed his ass and stood over the car.
    “The hell kind of place is this?” He wondered aloud looking up at the facade of his fall.
    “1st bank” it said.
    “Huh? Guess it makes sense to place a high end resturatnt across from a bank.
    “HEY YOU!” He heard a growl rumble from behind him. He turned and his eyes widened.
    Uh oh….

    *minutes earlier.*
    Nike contiued to walk and looked across the streeet to see the first bank. She clenched her fist hard, cuaing the leather straps of her handbag to vaporate and theheaviy bag clunked to the ccement. the top of it sofenting and deforming from the energy. She looked down and her eyes widened.
    “Oh now im REALLY pissed!” she snarled and her heart rate kicked up. She snapped her attention back to the bank. “I know i said Fort Nox, but this first bank will be the first to taste my anger tongiht. Hopefully it will bethe onlyy thing, but lets see where a night on the town takes me.” She began plotting her attack and going over in it in her head. “I wont even rob the place. Just zip in and destroy EVERY! THING! Burn the money, pulverize the safe door. Then tear it apart floor by floor. Maybe I should let the securtity personnel out first? Nope, if they get trampled to death by my fury, so be it. Although maybe just planning it is satisfactioin enough.” She said clnehching her fist, her mind conflict with thought. She looked up and heard the word stop and theif being thrown around. Then a man plummtted from the tree rubbing his ass.
    “Oh…so I guess im back to being a hero for the time being. Good enough for now…until I see I William. HEY YOU!”

    He slowly turned around and saw a woman dashing toward him. He tried to open his mouth, but his words were sunk with a punch to the mouth. He fell off the car andonto the sidewalk. As he stood to his feet she was quickly upon him attacking him violently with swift attacks.
    “Im so sorry he said.” Oh god I hope she spares me! he thought to himself in pain
    “Youre not going to be as sorry as HE’S going to be when I get home.” She snapped rasing her fist for the next attack.
    ….Oh god kill me oh god kill me.
    Just before her final swing, or what could of been for him, he flet himself lifted into the air and pulled back. He looked to see he was in the grasp of a bone tail. The BoneKat.
    “Oh sorry for the mix up. Im the one you want.” she said solemly as she stood next to the masked man.
    “Oh so you two on a date for crime huh!?” She snarled. ‘I wonder if I should ask to join.’ she thought vainly.
    “Hhuh? This guy? I just met this little cutey and looks like we fell in…a tree.” she stopped herself midsentance. “Actually who is this guy?” as soon as she finished the sentance she ripped off his mask, revealing his face. Silence filled the area as everyones eyes widened.
    “W-William!?” she stammered in a raging shcok.
    “Neera. I know what you may be thinking but its not what you think. I was hiding my identiy to protect you! And was on a steakout to make sure no one tried to attck you to use you as a pawn.” he explained trying his best to remain calm.
    “So you had a steak out here while you played chess with this half dead pussy cat doll!?” she summarized to the best of her selctive memory.
    “Hey. Im not half dea. Only the cat spirit in me is. Wait…so if it is half of me then am I really half dead? Before my powers girls said I was dead from the neck up, but im pretty sure thats less than half.”
    ‘If these two idiots keep at it! Im going to blow my cool, then them and this city block!’ she thought to herself fuming.
    “Listen Neera. Im sorry. So sorry.”
    “As I said before. Not as sorry as YOU are going to be.” Her her body radiated with energy and her hair color glowed from black to yellow. A halo of brilliant angelic light formed at her back.
    “Wait! Y-Youre Helia The Phantom!?” he stammered realizing his arch rival. “Irony has a habit of knocking at my door, though it knocking me out is new.”
    “No. Im your sunset.”

    • Anita M. King permalink*
      September 1, 2012 8:48 pm

      Hey, it’s good to hear from you, Darnell! This here is a perfect example of the problem with secret identities…

  2. September 4, 2012 6:06 pm

    A candle sat on the table, squat and shallow. You could tell the way it was bubbling and sputtering that it was not at all a proper candle. Proper candles are tall and thin and smell faintly of singed cotton*. This candle smelled of fish, and it was unclear if its purpose was for light or heat or — God forbid — ambiance. Any ambiance purposely bright about by fish-fat candles is not’d write home about. It’s one you’d tell home about after you caught the first plane out.

    But it’s ridiculous to postulate about, because as any fool knows, a candle’s purpose is to burn.

    This candle was about to do so exceedingly well.

    *Some would argue that it would also smell of vanilla, our bubble-gum berry, or craft-store.¥ This is not the case. The only natural aromas that permeate the homes of the ultimate chandlers, i.e., bees, are those of sweat and spit.¤ If their homes need no extra scents in their wax, then neither do ours.

    ¥ That permanent, stifling smell labels argue is “cinnamon” or “pine” but is really just stale fermented bee sweat (see above), probably harvested under dubious conditions in China.

    ¤I kid you not. Look it up.

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