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Friday Freewrite #2 – Caught

June 17, 2011

Freewriting is an exercise in timed, stream of consciousness writing. It’s a fun and useful activity for writers of all types. Every week, I’ll provide a prompt as a springboard for freewriting. For more information on what freewriting is all about and how to do it, see this post.


Today’s prompt is a first line:

“They never would have caught me if…”


I hope this prompt has stirred some interesting thoughts and ideas for you! Freewriting is inherently messy and sometimes deeply personal, but if you feel comfortable sharing your results, please post as little or as much as you’d like in the comments.

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  1. June 17, 2011 9:34 pm

    They never would have caught me if Bob hadn’t followed me all the way to the river. That stupid cat likes me too much. I just wanted to get away from my heinous relatives for a few ours, and of course Bob had to follow me, so naturally Frank followed him. And of course Sue wouldn’t let Frank go off by himself, she is trying to be a responsible mother after all, so she followed him. It’s only a matter of time until everyone else wanders over here. Oh well. It’s the last day of our “family vacation” so soon everyone will be going to their separate lives in their separate lives, and I’ll only have Bob to deal with. At least he doesn’t complain about my cooking, and is generally happy when I rub his tummy. Until he starts scratching me. Stupid cat.

    • June 24, 2011 12:44 am

      They never would have caught me if I hadn’t stopped to help that old lady I almost ran over trying to get away. Mettlesome woman, she probably works with the police too. *grumbles* Oh well…nothing to be done for it now. Maybe I’ll help the inmates learn to read and write. Maybe I’ll even start a dance team of inmates and we’ll do dance competitions and win awards. Then with their new skills, we’ll conquer the world one great melody at a time! MUAHAHA! Oh damn, now my plan is out. I might have to consider changing plans, or “making people an offer they can’t refuse”. I do have connections to the The Family afterall. I wonder how that cousin would appreciate a phone call from the granddaughter of his favorite aunt. Hmmm…Damn, I think I’ve said too much. Darn that mettlesome old woman! I wouldn’t have gotten caught if I wasn’t so helping, and if she hadn’t look so shocked and helpless. *cursing, storms off*

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